Demystifying Meridians Come take a journey through the energy highways of the body, discovering an intricate web that is woven through the myofascial system. We will liberate the meridians from a metaphysical concept as we dissect the classic and contemporary thoughts to arrive at a demystified and digestible understanding of meridian theory. We will then feel…

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AcuYin Come experience the culmination of two powerful healing modalities, acupuncture and yin yoga with Truth Robinson, a doctor of Chinese medicine.  Acupuncture and yoga are instrumental in promoting and restoring the balance of energy, which flows throughout your body.  Beginning with mind-nourishing wisdom about acupuncture and energy systems inherited over thousands of years. Then…

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Cultivate Your 3 Treasures  In this 3 hour workshop discover the secrets of the San Bao (Three Treasures): Jing (vital essence), Qi (subtle breath and energy) and Shen (spirit). Explore your body, mind and the energy flowing through you as we discover the actions that can cause imbalances and how to realign the body.This workshop…

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Free Talk on The Work of Byron Katie

Peace is found on the inside, where have you been looking?   –Byron Katie   Join us for this 90minute FREE talk on a Mindfulness practice called The Work of Byron Katie. Presenters, Sheryn & Amelia, mother and daughter and teachers at Eastwest, have been doing The Work for many years now, and have both…

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Yin Yang 65hr Training with Jo Phee!

We are so excited to announce that Jo Phee is coming back to Auckland to host the Yin Yang module of her world wide sell out Yin Yoga training! This 65Hr training will include: History of Yin Yoga Yin Yoga: Theory & Practice Yang Warmups Yin Yang Flow Sequences Yin Poses & Prop Usage Yin…

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