The Work of Byron Katie Two Day Workshop

The Work of Byron Katie 2 day workshop with Sheryn Gieck Sheryn is a co-owner of EastWest and a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie.  The Work is a Process of Inquiry – where you identify and then question the thoughts (beliefs) that are the cause of your suffering – your stress, anger,…

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Sadhana // Practice Traditional Yoga to still the mind  With Amelia McCombie “Sadhana is an intentional act designed to achieve a transformation of one’s inner state”. In this 2 hour practice we will be immersing in traditional practices of Yoga, to support you to turn inwards, explore your inner landscape, and bring some stillness to…

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Tea Ceremony

We are so excited to welcome Sam from Cloud Hidden Tea back to Eastwest to share this beautiful, meditative practice. Tea is a source of connection, in fact, “The Great Connector” was one of its earliest names. But connection to what? Connection to silence, connection to ourselves, connection to those in our lives and connection…

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LEARN YOGA THERAPEUTICS  WITH DEB FONG Empower yourself and your yoga practice with knowledge. Learn how to use the science of Yoga to alleviate injuries, stress, general tightness, help manage disease or simply deepen your practice. This workshop will start with a 1 hour class of Yoga prescription as you would be given in the…

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A 4 part course for those wanting to deepen their understanding and experience of Yoga as a transformational path, with Amelia McCombie. Have you ever wondered “What is Yoga?” There are many definitions of Yoga, and many different approaches to the practice. According to the traditional teachings from The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Yoga is…

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