Hot Yoga Immersion with Craig Villani

Hot Yoga Immersion

Workshop + Masterclass + Yoga Nidra

Join us in welcoming Craig Villani and his in-depth, informative, and infinitely entertaining hot yoga extravaganza to Auckland. Our unique event begins with an unheated workshop to include Q&A, followed by a heated class to integrate the specific therapeutic needs of the participants. The day concludes with a deeply relaxing yoga nidra meditation.

Reserve your spot now to deepen your understanding of yoga therapy, challenge your unconscious patterns, and improve your overall practice. This comprehensive immersion in the traditional 26 posture sequence will provide you with invaluable tools designed to help you expand your awareness and enhance your relationship to body, mind, and breath.

Craig served as International Director of Education and Teacher Training for the Bikram Yoga College of India from 2000-2008, and has been teaching for nearly two decades. He currently helms Raja Yoga Academy, a global organisation dedicated to the development of thical, compassionate, and confident leaders within the field of modern yoga. Learn more on raja yoga here.

When: Saturday, March 3, 11am-5pm workshop + class, OR 11am – 2pm workshop only

Price: $85 Workshop + Class OR $60 Workshop only

Book now hereand choose either just workshop, or workshop and masterclassclass when selecting pricing option.

limited enrollment

*all experience levels welcome

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