Yoga for the Mind – Free intro!


“Taking Responsibility for your beliefs give you the power to change them” – BK

A free 90 minute introduction to ‘The Work of Byron Katie’ aka Yoga for the Mind.

Saturday 27th May, 12.30 – 2pm @ Eastwest

Join Sheryn & Amelia, co -owners of East West to hear about and experience this simple yet profound life changing tool.  The Work is Inquiry.. you question the thoughts that are causing your stress and suffering.  Thoughts like ‘he should treat me better’, ‘life is hard’, ‘I dont have enough money’, ‘Im too short, fat, unattractive, emotional..’ and on they go.  The Work, like Yoga, is a practice. As you do it the mind starts to open, and release the stressful stories we may have been carrying for years..resulting in more and more ease and peace in your life.

This is a brief introduction to this powerful tool. For a deeper immersion there will be workshops at the studio over the next few months.

To sign up or for more info pop into the studio or please email us at



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