Hansa Yoga Therapy with Vincent Bolletta & Jac Wilson

Introduction | Part 1

August 26 – 27, Saturday & Sunday | 11.30am – 2pm

  • Slowing down the yoga practice in order to address crucial details in the method of movement, we will investigate the biomechanics of asana and how it relates to individual posture.
  • Foundation yoga asana will be deconstructed to assist the student or teacher to gain greater understanding of common postural tendencies we all experience. We will learn how this impacts on both our performance of asana and how asana can impact on us.
  • We will consider alignment through functional processes and developmental movement patterns that support our yoga practice more naturally

Cost | 1 day only: $80 | Both days: $140

To register for intro part 1 click here, sign up at front desk, or email us at info@eastwest.co.nz

Introduction | Part 2

October 28 – 29, Saturday & Sunday | 11.30am – 2pm

  • The Scared Pelvis: In this workshop we start to consider the importance of stability as the primary foundation that assists function. paradoxically, through stability we will gain greater hip mobility and support.
  • Through our hips we will make a greater connection to our core and spine in ways that encourage a deeper integrated connection.
  • We will also look at the intricate relationships between the three main honey segments that make up the entire Pelvic girdle

Cost | 1 day only $80 | Both days $140

To register for Intro part 2 click here, sign up at front desk, or email us at info@eastwest.co.nz

Numbers are limited so pre booking is essential.

These workshops are an introduction to a series of Hansa Yoga Therapy trainings in 2018

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