eastwest HOT

eastwest HOT FOUNDATION The classic 90 minute, 26 +2 sequence made popular by Bikram Yoga and a great place to start!  The unchanging sequence allows you to use your practice as a mirror, noticing the difference in yourself each day.  With correct alignment and form, work to your maximum intensity (not your neighbours) and receive…

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eastwest YIN

The perfect balance to our other ‘yang’ styles of yoga, eastwest YIN exercises the tissues of the body in a way unlike any other yoga practice.  Long postures gently and safely stretch the deep connective tissue of the body, leaving joints supple and opening up energy channels in the body. Taught at room temperature, after…

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eastwest POWER

Our dynamic form of yoga for practitioners of all levels. The foundations of this practice are sun salutations, followed by unique sand changing sequences designed to warm you into your practice, provide variety, and work your entire body building flexibility, strength and good postural alignment. We also mix in a little modern-day philosophy, allowing us…

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Early 2014 Timetable

Holiday Schedule

30-Day Challenge

Our last 30-Day Challenge of the year will begin on Friday 8 November. If you are interested in undertaking the challenge, uncovering hidden determination, potential and a fresh outlook in time for summer, then check out what its all about on our website here. Bookings will be taken via email ( Please state within your…

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Exciting new changes at East West

In the 10 years that the eastwest studios have been open, we have been a solely Bikram method yoga studio. As one of our famous teachers Emmy Cleaves likes to say, “This shit works!” To this day we think Emmy’s right, and believe in this yoga 100%. But as teachers and as a community, we…

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How to visualise and do self-hypnosis- by Gloria Seaman

First, write your visualisation down The whole point behind writing down what you are going to visualise is that it gives you structure – and a plan to fall back on. Your brain is an incredibly powerful machine, and unless you are a Zen Monk – and if you are, hello and welcome – you are likely…

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Yoga and the Creative Spark by Raewyn Clark

Towards the end of some of my yoga classes lately I have noticed a surge in my creativity.  My ideas are sparking – things I could do, write or generally make happen in my life.  It’s a neat feeling and I leave class feeling mentally energised. The other day, I decided to do a bit…

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