Yin Masterclass Water Element

A 3-hour workshop designed to balance your water element for all-round winter wellness.
This 3-hour workshop will empower you with the necessary knowledge and tools to harmonise your Water element
● The Daoist view of the world
● Yin & Yang Meridians
● Kidney Meridian
● Urinary Bladder Meridian
● Physiological functions of Water element
● The role of emotions on Water element
● Fascia & the Water element
● Acupressure points for Water element
● Muscle groups that correlate with Water element
● Meridian pathways for Water element
● Yoga poses that stimulate and activate Water element
● Causes for imbalance in Water
● Foods, colours and lifestyle modifications that harmonise.
● Meridian clock for Water element
We’ll put all the newly acquired knowledge into practice with a sequence of Yin poses & myofascial release techniques to balance out Water element, followed by a 30-minute Yoga Nidra relaxation practice that will take you even deeper into a state of relaxation and calm.
There will be tips and tools for self-care, as well as herbal tea and bliss balls to enjoy.
COST $50

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