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Foundations of Flow Workshop Saturday April 30th

  New to the Vinyasa style or keen to incorporate a few of our Power Flow classes into your routine? This 2 hour workshop is a must! Learn the postures of Sun Salutation A and B with correct alignment, breath and appropriate modifications. A healthy long lasting practice starts with the knowledge of how to…

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BUDOKON Workshop Saturday June 27

  Budokon combines the dynamics of martial arts with the traditions of hatha yoga. The results are a seamless flow  transitioning constantly through hatha asanas and martial art movements. It is not a breath based flow but one based on circular movements, with some vinyasa yoga and arm balances, as well as incorporating primal agility…

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Kid’s Yoga! Get the run-down on this fun class!

Our kids yoga classes have been running at Eastwest for about a year now. Thanks to members of our Eastwest community who have supported the classes by bringing their kids and friends along!  Special thanks to Onny and his business Nest Insurance for help and sponsorship!  Read on for a good look at what this…

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Six things you may not have thought of to help your Standing Head to Knee pose.

This is a posture that many students struggle to master.   I love this pose and derive tremendous enjoyment from it.   I want you to love it to – hence, this post!  If there is anything here you find particularly helpful, or hadn’t already thought of, please leave a comment and let us know!…

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Posture Clinic – Triangle pose

“Triangle pose, this is the master posture of the series, the perfect marriage between the heart and lungs, forcing them to work together like an arranged marriage in India. They may not want to be together at first, but they have to be. No choice.” says Bikram in many of his classes.

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