Foundations of Flow Workshop Saturday April 30th


New to the Vinyasa style or keen to incorporate a few of our Power Flow classes into your routine? This 2 hour workshop is a must! Learn the postures of Sun Salutation A and B with correct alignment, breath and appropriate modifications. A healthy long lasting practice starts with the knowledge of how to move safely and consciously through these postures. If done incorrectly, over time, injuries can occur and no one wants that! This is a fantastic chance to find out how to tailor your practice to suit your individual needs. Everyone is different but we’re all after the same things. Healthy bodies and minds!

Join Kirsty van de Geer Saturday April 30th at the Ponsonby studio for an interactive 2 hour session dedicated to the foundational postures of the Eastwest Power Vinyasa classes. Gain confidence the next time you step on the mat, knowing you have the tools to make your practice really work. Learn the ins and outs to create a strong, sustainable and enjoyable practice.

Power Vinyasa is a fun, modern style of yoga incorporating traditional Sun Salutations. At Eastwest our Power Vinyasa classes are challenging enough to keep you motivated, but open to all practitioners. If you’ve been wondering about this class, this is your chance to check it out in a no pressure, safe environment. Kirsty will break down all the postures and have plenty of space for you to ask questions and get some instant feedback on your personal practice. We’ve done a few of these in the past and they’re always a good time with lots of laughs. A great way to get to know some of the other yogis in our community and connect even more with your teachers.

We hope to see you there!

Workshop takes place at the Ponsonby Studio April 30th 11am – 1pm. Investment is $35.

Chat with anyone at the front desk or book online HERE (follow the link to the Workshops tab and be sure to click the Ponsonby location).



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