Join Miguel Santana for a great workshop learning how (or advancing your skill) in the art of hand balancing!
For those of you who don’t know Miguel already, he is a professional hand-balance artist and teacher who has taught many workshops and classes at eastwest and throughout Auckland.  His workshops are for beginners through to advanced practitioners, as everyone works on common skills and then individual handstand work which can be anything from using the wall through to advanced techniques.
The workshop will consist of:

WARM UP (based on flexibility, mobility, and strength)

HANDSTAND PROGRESSION (helping to build confidence in standing upside down). Miguel will encourage each individuals progress until they are able to jump into a free handstand, or further techniques for more advanced students).

CORE TRAINING essential in achieving a stable handstand.


All levels are welcome to this workshop and numbers will be limited to ensure you get individual attention – don’t be shy if you are just starting, or even if you want more advanced work. Online payments won’t be taken at the time of booking for this workshop.  Book here, and follow through to Ponsonby workshops.  check ‘enroll as unpaid’ and you will receive an email with bank details for internet transfer.

Where Eastwest Ponsonby studio
Date 28 February 2016
Time 11am – 2pm
Investment $80

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