Journey into the Chakras

In this 2 and a half hour class we will explore the seven beautifully colourful energy wheels in the body, placed from the very base of the spine, to the crown of the head.Each wheel (or chakra) relates to our internal organs, sense organs and essential endocrine system, for complete health framework. 

Join Juan and Kirsty for this informative and experiential class to journey into the anatomy of the Chakras.Learn how to awaken these vital portals of energy, to create greater balance emotionally, greater harmony in the mind, and greater vitality in the body.

We will explore the chakral system, through yin practice, guided meditation and the helaing vibration of singing bowls and flute music. 

Tea and bliss balls after class 

When: Saturday 19th October 5pm – 7:30pm

Where: East West Yoga

Cost $45  

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