Hey guys!  We always have a pretty healthy ratio of men in our classes, but this Friday we have a class just for you!  Join our teachers Taane, Ty and Shaun in a 90 minute class just for the boys.  Get ready for good tunes, a bit of vinyasa, some yin to relax at the end, and a cold beer or juice chaser.

Even better – its all in the name of charity!  Regular members can use their membership and donation is optional, everyone else your $25 casual fee will go to our charity, which in this instance is the Neonatal Trust.  Our student Lloyd Aickin has already done great guns organising for these guys, and most of us know someone gifted with a baby born prematurely that needs all the help they can get for their best start.

So this is a chance for regular students to grab your mates, or any guy that wants to come try a sampler of our classes, head down and have some fun!

Mens Yoga
Ponsonby studio
Friday 22 July 5.30pm till 7.00pm wth a drink to follow
Investment $25 casual class, or by donation to existing members

Book online here (click the Workshops tab and select ‘Ponsonby’) or at our front desk.

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