Even the healthiest body will reach a place where no more tension can be stored. Free your body to free your mind!
Join Kirsty Van De Geer for a 3 hour workshop exploring techniques to release stored tension in the bodies Fascia (connective tissue).

Fascia is the connective tissue that is woven around every, muscle, bone, nerve, artery and organ in the body. It quite literally is the tissue that binds and holds us altogether.

Stress, injury and pain (physical and emotional) can  become stored in the fascia, creating more pain and discomfort in the body.
During this 3 hour workshop we will explore healing ball rolling techniques, fascial bouncing and snapping, and long held yin poses to release the tension stored in both body and mind.
After 3 hours you will have all the knowledge to take this powerful practice home, and float out of the workshop on cloud 9!
MFR balls will be available for sale following the workshop.
When? Saturday March 16th 9am-12pm
Investment? $50
Register HERE or at the front desk
Please email us (or chat to us at the front desk) if you have any questions.

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