Here at eastwest our classes are ‘open’.  Not that everyone will find it easy or be able to ‘do’ everything, but more that everyone is welcome to all our classes at any time, just turn up and allow yourself to take it at your own pace while you get used to the specifics of each particular class.

That said, there are many reasons why a class with a little more time to focus on technique, and performed at a pace that allows time for tidbits to sink in, is amazing.  So for just that reason we are dedicating 2 x classes each week to a  ‘slower pace’.

For both our eastwest HOT and eastwest POWER VINYASA classes, look for ‘slower pace’ on the schedule.  Expect our normal class but at a slower pace, less emphasis on heat, and time for more explanation of breathing techniques, body positioning, and use of props that may aid your practice.  Power Vinyasa will stick to more traditional vinyasa poses.  Note – A slower pace can be a physically challenging practice!  And it can make all your other classes more effective as you build technique and skill! So while these classes will be great for new students or anyone wanting a slower introduction, they will also still be a full practice and work well for any student wanting to pop in and remind themselves of basics or take their time with alignment, breath or mindful movement.

Check out the ‘slower pace’ classes on our schedule from Monday March 7th.  Themes and lessons will change from class to class, so come to a few as a beginner, or even more if you love them!!

Newmarket studio

Thursday 6.30am Power Vinyasa ‘Slow’ 60 mins

Thursday 8pm Hot ‘Slow’ 60 mins

Ponsonby studio

Thursday 5.30pm Power Vinyasa ‘Slow’ 75 mins

Saturday 4.30pm Hot ‘Slow’ 90 mins

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