As most of you know, Bruce Simons (along with fellow teacher Raewyn Clark) will take over the Newmarket studio as it moves into its new space at 12 Morgan St.  It has of course taken longer than anticipated, and we really do thank you for your patience.  Building is well underway.  Bruce is waiting for a couple of council sign-offs before announcing an opening date, but he estimates this to be end of February.

Upon reopening, the studio will leave the eastwest community and be rebranded to ‘Sweat Yoga’.  They already have a facebook page here and from this point on you can email Bruce directly with any questions (   Due to each studio having different ownership, any yoga passes bought at the Morgan St studio may only be used at Newmarket going forward.  For passes bought previously, including any you buy at Ponsonby while waiting for reopening, read below as these are still valid and we will work with you to ensure they are set up at the right location for you, with appropriate extensions of time.

The schedule for the new studio has been set, its the same as it was pretty much, and you can check it out on Sweat Yoga’s mindbodyonline account here.


The realities of separate owners, separate computer systems and separate futures means that once Newmarket and Ponsonby are both open, your future yoga passes bought will be valid only where you buy them.

For all current passes (bought up until the time of Newmarket re-opening) we are happy to work with students and honour your ability to use them where desired.  We will administer as follows to keep it as easy as possible:

Existing 10, 20 and 50 class cards will be set up at the studio where you purchased them.  If this is what you wish there is nothing further for you to do. If you like using both studios and wish to ‘split’ some (or move all) classes to use at the other studio, please let us know via before March 1, and we will do this on a one-time basis.

1 month and 1 year unlimited will be set up at the studio where you originally purchased. Please talk to us if you wish otherwise and we will come to an arrangement that works, as well as extending your time if you couldn’t come while closed.   If you are about to renew your one year pass for either studio, email us ( and we can arrange a shorter pass until Newmarket reopens and the changeover has occurred at Ponsonby.

Direct debit  Keep in touch via email if you require any changes to your direct debit.  We will be in touch with all direct debit students (including those who stopped while Newmarket closed) to let them know of reopening date.  Newmarket students a new form will be signed before Sweat Yoga debits your account, nothing will start without your authorisation.

I hope this answers some of your questions.  It can be an unsettling time when studios go through change, but we are almost there and very lucky that the new owners want only the best for the students and the studio.  YOU are the most important part of our studios, and your practice, of course!  So please keep in touch if you have any questions regarding the above.  If you are not sure of which studio will be the most suitable going forward email me ( and we can do a short term membership until both are open and you can decide.






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