Well its definitely been 12 months of change .. to begin 2017 I would like to officially announce that the Ponsonby studio is also soon to have new owners!  The best news is that you know them already.  From mid February our current teachers Amelia McCombie and Kirsty van de Geer, along with Amelia’s mum (and fellow teacher) Sheryn Gieck will take over ownership of eastwest Ponsonby studio.

Shaun and I will manage the Ponsonby studio through till mid February, and will both be around once the transfer takes place. It will be ‘business as usual’ – bikram, vinyasa and yin classes, teachers, schedules will stay the same.  And your pass will be valid and continue just as it does now, ensuring a seamless transition for all.  Sheryn, Amelia and Kirsty will be in touch with you all very soon to introduce themselves a little further and say hi, but if you see them at the studio stop and have a chat with them too!

It is so weird to leave the studios that I love so much, and that have literally been my life every day for 13 years.  But this also feels like exactly the right time to pass this beloved baby on – while I look after another one! As you may know I now have a little daughter (Clara) and I look forward to enjoying precious time with her. We will take her to visit her family in France, I am thinking of finishing some studies and perhaps doing a little accounting work, who knows?  I still plan on teaching and being a student (forever) so you will still see me at the studio – but eastwest deserves a fresh set of eyes, ears, hearts and hands.  And Sheryn, Amelia and Kirsty will do a great job!


The realities of separate owners, separate computer systems and separate futures means that once Newmarket and Ponsonby are both open, your future yoga passes bought will be valid only where you buy them.

For all current passes (bought up until the time of Newmarket opening) we are happy to work with students and honour your ability to use them where desired, along the following lines:

Existing 10, 20 and 50 class cards will be set up at the studio where you purchased them.  If you wish to ‘split’ some classes to use at the other studio, please let us know via before March 1, and we will do this on a one-time basis.

1 month and 1 year unlimited will be set up at the studio where you originally purchased (unless you prefer otherwise). Please talk to us if you use both studios and we will come to an arrangement that works.  If you are about to renew your one year pass for either studio, email us and we can price up a shorter pass until Newmarket reopens and the changeover has occurred at Ponsonby.

Direct debit  All Ponsonby direct debits will continue as normal, so please get in touch if the above information requires any changes to your account.

I hope this answers some of your questions.  It can be an unsettling time when studios go through change, but we are almost there and very lucky that the new owners want only the best for the students and the studio.  YOU are the most important part of our studios, and your practice, of course!  So please keep in touch if you have any questions regarding the above.  If you are not sure of which studio will be the most suitable going forward email me ( and we can do a short term membership until both are open and you can decide.






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