Join Hamish Kenworthy from Apollo Power Yoga in Christchurch at eastwest Ponsonby this Friday 15 July.

Trained with Baron Baptiste, Hamish is going to lead a 2 hour practice, with a focus as follows:

“Tricks and Transitions is a practice to enhance your appreciation and practice of your navigation around your mat such that you move with grace and power.  We will look at building upon foundational poses to add extra expression including binds and making transitions from bound lunging poses into standing balancing poses.  We will try out a variety of hand balances and then explore how we might transition from one hand balance into another.  We will also explore transitions into and out of urdhva danurasana (wheel pose).  Bring curiosity and adventure to this practice.  If some of what is described is outside of your usual practice then this class is for you to step out of the ordinary and become extraordinary!”

Whether you are a seasoned vinyasa pro, or just starting out, this will be a fun practice which gives you more enjoyment on your mat!

Ponsonby studio
Friday 15 July
5.30pm to 7.30pm
Investment = $35

Book online under our ‘workshops’ tab here (be sure to click the Ponsonby location)!

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  1. Nichola Jones
    14/07/2016 at 2:20 pm · Reply

    Will you be running any workshops during school hours? I can’t get to anything when I have my kids.


    • nikki
      15/07/2016 at 12:10 am · Reply

      Hi Nichola, We would love to (and understand your dilemma) but we tend to get more attendees at workshops that are held outside of normal working hours. Never say never though, so keep an eye out. thanks!

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