Kundalini with Angus Mclean!

Sweat, shake and dance into the silly season with 4 Kundalini classes!Each week focuses on balancing a different set of chakras using powerful breath, movement, meditation and mantra.

Every Friday 7.30pm-8.45pm. Cost? Counts as a regular class so either use your current membership or $25 for a casual class.

WEEK 1, 23rd NOV: focuses on the lower chakras to initiate a deep release of what no longer serves us and to clear away our internal clutter.

WEEK 2, 30th NOV: targets our sacral and heart chakras to unlock our creativity and passion and to connect us to what our heart desires.

WEEK 3, 7th DEC: works on our power centre, the 3rd Chakra to set our inner drive on fire. Giving us the will and inner strength to create change and new possibilities.

WEEK 4, 14th DEC: connects us to our upper chakras and inner wisdom so we can become clear and fearless about manifesting these changes and learn to trust ourselves.

We are so excited to have Angus bringing the practice of Kundalini to Eastwest! Angus has been on his yogic journey for 20 years, training in Rishikesh, India – the birth place of yoga. His journey has explored Kundalini Yoga, Mindfulness based yoga, Rocket Yoga and Buddhist Meditation. His varied classes mix energetic sequences with deep mind clearing meditations.

Register through the app or just show up at the studio before the 7.30pm start time

Posted on 19/11/2018 in BLOG, Yoga

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